ATM Surcharge Fee 'Free' Zone

United State Bank now participates in Shazam's Privileged Status program. Financial institutions participating in this program offer their ATM or Debit Cardholders the ability to use other financial institutions' ATMs also participating in Privileged Status surcharge-free access. 

Simply put, this means NO MORE SURCHARGE FEES when using your United State Bank ATM or Debit Card at participating Privileged Status ATMs. Look for the Privileged Status logo on participating ATMs.

Feel free to use our ATM/Branch Locator web page to search for participating Privileged Status ATMs. Select Refine your search and the Privileged Status box, then search.

In addition, you can also search for Privileged Status ATMs using Shazam's web site link below. Simply enter the city name and state of where you wish to search and click the Search button to view a list of nearby Privileged Status ATMs.

Shazam's Privileged Status Site